Chanel WOC: Compare prices across countries

Italy€ 1,639EuroNoRegular
United Kingdom€ 1,641 (£ 1,492)EuroNoRegular
Spain€ 1,653EuroNoRegular
Belgium€ 1,653EuroNoRegular
Netherlands€ 1,653EuroNoRegular
France€ 1,667EuroNoRegular
Brazil€ 1,667 (R$ 10,246)EuroNoRegular
Sweden€ 1,669 (SEK 17,472)EuroNoRegular
Denmark€ 1,680 (DKK 12,520)EuroNoRegular
Germany€ 1,681EuroNoRegular
Russia€ 1,720 (₽ 134,750)EuroNoRegular
South Korea€ 1,828 (₩ 2,468,182)EuroNoRegular
ItalyUS$ 1,839 (€ 1,639)US$NoRegular
United KingdomUS$ 1,840 (£ 1,492)US$NoRegular
Canada€ 1,853 (C$ 2,845)EuroNoRegular
SpainUS$ 1,854 (€ 1,653)US$NoRegular
BelgiumUS$ 1,854 (€ 1,653)US$NoRegular
NetherlandsUS$ 1,854 (€ 1,653)US$NoRegular
Australia€ 1,858 (A$ 3,036)EuroNoRegular
FranceUS$ 1,870 (€ 1,667)US$NoRegular
BrazilUS$ 1,870 (R$ 10,246)US$NoRegular
SwedenUS$ 1,872 (SEK 17,472)US$NoRegular
DenmarkUS$ 1,885 (DKK 12,520)US$NoRegular
GermanyUS$ 1,885 (€ 1,681)US$NoRegular
RussiaUS$ 1,930 (₽ 134,750)US$NoRegular
Hong Kong€ 1,967 (HK$ 17,100)EuroNoRegular
Hong Kong€ 1,967 (HK$ 17,100)EuroYesRegular
Brazil€ 1,967 (R$ 12,090)EuroYesRegular
United Kingdom€ 1,969 (£ 1,790)EuroYesRegular
Singapore€ 1,997 (S$ 3,121)EuroNoRegular
France€ 2,000EuroYesRegular
Germany€ 2,000EuroYesRegular
Italy€ 2,000EuroYesRegular
Spain€ 2,000EuroYesRegular
Belgium€ 2,000EuroYesRegular
Netherlands€ 2,000EuroYesRegular
South Korea€ 2,010 (₩ 2,715,000)EuroYesRegular
Australia€ 2,043 (A$ 3,340)EuroYesRegular
South KoreaUS$ 2,050 (₩ 2,468,182)US$NoRegular
Russia€ 2,064 (₽ 161,700)EuroYesRegular
Japan€ 2,078 (¥ 250,000)EuroNoRegular
CanadaUS$ 2,079 (C$ 2,845)US$NoRegular
AustraliaUS$ 2,084 (A$ 3,036)US$NoRegular
Sweden€ 2,086 (SEK 21,840)EuroYesRegular
Denmark€ 2,100 (DKK 15,650)EuroYesRegular
Canada€ 2,131 (C$ 3,272)EuroYesRegular
Singapore€ 2,137 (S$ 3,340)EuroYesRegular
Hong KongUS$ 2,206 (HK$ 17,100)US$NoRegular
Hong KongUS$ 2,206 (HK$ 17,100)US$YesRegular
BrazilUS$ 2,207 (R$ 12,090)US$YesRegular
United KingdomUS$ 2,209 (£ 1,790)US$YesRegular
United States€ 2,229 (US$ 2,500)EuroNoRegular
SingaporeUS$ 2,240 (S$ 3,121)US$NoRegular
FranceUS$ 2,244 (€ 2,000)US$YesRegular
GermanyUS$ 2,244 (€ 2,000)US$YesRegular
ItalyUS$ 2,244 (€ 2,000)US$YesRegular
SpainUS$ 2,244 (€ 2,000)US$YesRegular
BelgiumUS$ 2,244 (€ 2,000)US$YesRegular
NetherlandsUS$ 2,244 (€ 2,000)US$YesRegular
Japan€ 2,245 (¥ 270,000)EuroYesRegular
South KoreaUS$ 2,255 (₩ 2,715,000)US$YesRegular
AustraliaUS$ 2,292 (A$ 3,340)US$YesRegular
RussiaUS$ 2,316 (₽ 161,700)US$YesRegular
JapanUS$ 2,332 (¥ 250,000)US$NoRegular
SwedenUS$ 2,340 (SEK 21,840)US$YesRegular
DenmarkUS$ 2,356 (DKK 15,650)US$YesRegular
CanadaUS$ 2,390 (C$ 3,272)US$YesRegular
SingaporeUS$ 2,397 (S$ 3,340)US$YesRegular
United States€ 2,429 (US$ 2,725)EuroYesRegular
United StatesUS$ 2,500US$NoRegular
JapanUS$ 2,518 (¥ 270,000)US$YesRegular
United StatesUS$ 2,725US$YesRegular

Table description:

Table above shows pricing for the Chanel Wallet on Chain across 15+ countries. You can filter the pricing data using two filtering options: currency and tax. If you select US dollar (or Euro) as the currency filter, all prices across the different countries are shown in US dollar (or Euro) using the latest exchange rate. In addition, the local price (e.g., HK$ for Hong Kong) is included between brackets after the US dollar or Euro price. Separately, a tax filter is provided as well since you may qualify for a tax (e.g., VAT, GST) refund as a tourist. Be aware that tax refunds are not provided to tourists in all countries and each country may have different criteria to be eligible. Lastly, stores are likely to use the services of tax refund companies like Global Blue to process your tax refunds. Be aware that these companies will charge a commission on the VAT refund.

Raw data adjustments: 

Store prices in the United States and Canada do not include sales taxes. These are added to your bill when you pay for your handbag. Given this, when you filter for prices inclusive of tax, we have added 9% for the United States and 15% for Canada on the official retail price. We are fully aware that in the United States and Canada taxes vary by Province/State/City, but use a typical rate for popular tourist destinations such as New York City in the US. In all other countries for which data is collected, retail prices include any applicable taxes.

Data updates and accuracy:

Data is collected from the Chanel website and checked on a regular basis for accuracy. All prices are converted to US dollar or Euro using the latest exchange rate as provided by Google. Data is provided on an ‘as is’ basis and we are in no way responsible for the accuracy for the information provided. You should always check any pricing information before making any decisions.     

Handbag references: 

Prices are collected for the following Chanel Wallet on Chain reference number and size: A33814 Y01480 C3906; 12.3 x 3 x 19 cm.

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